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LIT NYC emerged from the dynamic vision of Brandon Brown, a man whose passion for technology is as deep-rooted as his ties to Bed Stuy, Brooklyn, NY, where he was born and raised. Brandon’s journey in technology began with a fascination for the boundless possibilities it presented. His journey took him through the vibrant corridors of the music industry, where he honed his skills as a Tour and Production Manager, traveling to over 30 countries and states. These experiences broadened his perspective and fueled his desire to create something transformative – thus, LIT NYC was born.

At the heart of LIT NYC is a mission that transcends mere business success. Brandon’s vision is to catalyze a generation of culturally-driven industries, helping them to flourish in our current era by harnessing cutting-edge technological resources. As a skilled web and app developer, he understands the power of technology not just as a tool, but as a catalyst for change and innovation. LIT NYC is more than a tech company; it is a vessel for progress, enabling businesses to adapt and thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Yet, Brandon’s aspirations extend beyond the corporate horizon. He is fiercely passionate about leveling the playing field for black entrepreneurs. Understanding the systemic barriers faced by many, including lack of capital and resources, Brandon sees technology as a great equalizer. LIT NYC is his way of wielding adversity as a weapon, not just to compete, but to lead in various industries. His leadership is driven by a commitment to fairness and opportunity, aiming to dismantle the systemic inequalities that hinder potential.

Brandon’s passion also extends to nurturing the youth, particularly in the black community. He envisions a future where young people are empowered with purpose, steering them away from the pitfalls of poverty, crime, and despair. By breaking the cycle of generational curses, he aims to light a path of hope and opportunity. This vision is embedded in the ethos of LIT NYC, which seeks to inspire and guide the youth towards a future where their talents and ambitions are recognized and fulfilled.

LIT NYC stands as a beacon of empowerment, driven by technology and guided by a profound sense of community and social responsibility. The company’s mission is clear: to empower industries from within, leveraging the power of technology to create a landscape where businesses and individuals can thrive. In this mission, LIT NYC is not just building a business; it is cultivating a legacy that transcends technology, touching lives, and shaping futures. Brandon Brown’s vision is a testament to the power of passion, resilience, and the unyielding belief that technology can be the key to unlocking a world of limitless possibilities.