LIT surveys opportunities within a brand’s demographic before executing strategies to ensure the brand’s growth while expanding its revenue opportunities. Our team utilizes the most modern avenues to reach consumers including traditional press and social media that provides DTC (direct to consumer) opportunities. We also actively seek product placing opportunities.


LIT provides artist an ecosystem headed by industry veterans who are always seeking performance opportunities for festival stages, theater venues, and entire tour routing.


Independent artist can utilize LIT resources to grow their brands, gain insider intel on the music industry, find professional places to mix, record, and master but also to participate in the most intriguing part of the process which is marketing their sound post production. LIT is also a place for talented bands to connect with artists for performance and touring opportunities.


The rapidly evolving fashion industry has passed much of its power back into the hands of consumers thanks to social media. Fashion has largely been motivated in recent years by urban/pop culture who have redefined trends and even owning opportunities that has allowed small designers to enter the space to sell products, design and showcase undeniable talent, and set new rules! Research and development is always key to owning the fashion space; LIT’s relationships extend well into the luxury and street fashion hierarchies.


Formerly one of the “three thumbs up” industries, the modeling scene has changed dramatically because of the presence of web portfolios that have allowed models of both street and runway tier to have their populous validate their significance in any campaigns. LIT provides models a place to expand on their private opportunities that include contemporary fashion campaigns, streetwear campaigns, cosplay, and street team placement.


LIT provides a platform for brands and companies to connect to the gaming culture thanks to our lasting relationships with ESA (E3), ReedPOP (NYC Comic Con, PAX – Penny Arcade Expo), Microsoft, Nintendo, Activision, and other major publishers. We also manage competitive gamers to broaden their horizons beyond the sticks and developing their brand.

Performing Art (Dance)

LIT works with a range of performing artist to fit any project or music arts needs. We have a collective of talented individuals from all dance cultures. We source dancers for music artist touring, theater performing arts, film, and more.