Where The Magic Happens.

Our in-house production team is never out of its element with talented producers who are experienced in stage/concert production, studio mixing/mastering, web design, clothing design, professional photography, video production, and music artist merchandise development.


Stage/Concert Production

Seen on this page’s heading photo is LIT’s stage production during Power 105.1’s annual Powerhouse concert in which Tinashe performed a 20 minute set. The entire event including a ton of premiere artists within the hip-hop and R&B community including Young Jeezy, Jay-Z, T.I., Trey Songz, Chris Brown and more. We’re able to produce and manage concerts on an arena and boutique venue level with our in-house Lighting Directors, Monitor Directors, and FOH Engineers.

Pro Tools (Mixing & Mastering)

Post production is the most important part of song making, it can make or break a record. Sending out a record rough can be as bad as just sending out a record that’s bad in general; why waste time publicizing a track that isn’t enjoyable to listen to. Our production team is as proficient in mixing music fast as it is in delivering with other avenues such as graphic design and photography projects.

Film/Video Production

LIT utilizes Final Cut Pro and After Effects CC to produce and edit video content per industry standard. We’re able to produce content in 1080p, 4K and/or 3D. We also source movie/production studio sets.


LIT’s merchandising partners have the ability to ship, produce, and deliver all around the world. We can cater towards music artists, festivals, parades, private events and we offer last minute…even the latest of last min product turn-around.

Graphic Design

LIT’s design team uses industry standard software such as the Adobe Creative Suite, and Cinema 4D to produce a finished product that looks just as good as it did on your digital screens.


Our team can produce brand photoshoots from concept to print. We can fully accommodate brands with shoot space small and large with green and white screen production, lighting, and post-shoot editing. Additionally we have photographers who travel on the road with music artists for insider documentary and social media publication. Our photography team only uses high quality DSLR cameras that shoot raw and uncompressed JPEG.